Thursday, April 20, 2006

Oracle challenging Microsoft?

Is Oracle ready to challenge Microsoft? I read yesterday Oracle was considering buying Novell, but then today I read that they have decided against it because purchasing an Open Source company does not also purchase the Intellectual Property.

Oracle wants to offer more Open Source solutions, but won't buy an Open Source company for lots of money because they can't get the Intelectual Property. That sounds like a contradiction. In fact that's why Microsoft is opposed to OpenSource. Heck that's why I'm opposed to open source. I consider the things that I think up to be important. And any significant improvements I could make to a system are worth money to me. I don't like the idea of giving my mind away, it's just too much of a socialist idea. That's why I not only am opposed to Linux, I don't have a distribution of it. I only have Microsoft products that are paid for and licensed. Ok, I also have licensed third party products, but I believe in and support capitalism in all its forms and I live by that belief. I don't just say that I do and then sidestep it.

However, this does show that Oracle is looking at the OS level and may be considering an OS optimized for Oracle to compete against Microsoft on the server level at least. And why not? It's a good capitalist thing to do.