Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Blogging for SEO

I've been supporting blogging as a way to improve a sites search engine rankings. Although this will provide one more site that links to your main site, that is not enough by itself. What is really needed is a blog that is specific. You must stick to a topic or a very small range of topics in order to find people that are interested in that topic. In general a daily diary will not generate any traffic.

My other blog is just that. A random collection of thoughts that I have and things that I do. If you read it, you will learn more and more about me and what I do and think over time, but unless your goal is to find out about me, then you will not enjoy the blog very much.

A buisniness blog needs to be well defined and consistent. If you are a construction company, then writing about your successes and interesting things that you have done will be great. This will allow a customer that wants to know about your past construction efforts to find out about what you have done. In the spirit of blogs, you should write about both your successes and failures. I know that nobody wants to brag about their failures, but putting them out there for customers to see will let them know that you are aware of them and are learning from them. Nobody is perfect, don't portray yourself to be either.

At the end of the day, your goal is to provide a site that is updated regularly, with focused information about your company and products. People looking for these things will find your blog and read it regularly. Any clicks through to your site from there should be a higher percentage sale than just people who find you through a Google search. Search Engine rankings are nice, but until a person sees your site they don't have a clue if it's even related to what they were searching for. That's why you want to use a blog to get repeat business.

Be honest on your blog, those customers that you are selling to now, are also the ones you will be blogging about tomorrow, they can help or hurt you.

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