Monday, August 21, 2006

Yes or No

I just finished reading Yes or No. This is a great short book by Spencer Johnson. You can read some of my other comments on it over on my non-geek blog.

This is a short book that could be read in 2 hours or less if you have time to dedicate to it. It took me 4 days of off and on reading. The program presented in the book to help make better decisions is a good thing. Basically any program to help make better decisions is a good thing if you use it. This book says that too. In order to facilitate better decisions you need to ask yourself 6 questions.

3 practical questions
1. Am I pursuing the real need?
2. Am I informed of my options?
3. Have I thought this through to a better result?

3 private questions
1. Am I really telling myself the truth?
2. Does this decision really feel right to me?
3. Do my actions show I believe I deserve better?

If you answer yes to everything then you do it, if not then rethink the process.
Spencer Johnson has once again written his book in the form of a parable, and there are times that the main character was frustrating either by stating the obvious, or by suddenly remembering a quote that fit perfect. For some reason the quotes were annoying because they were always stated by the guy who didn't know the system. The book was good though and it was definitely worth the time to read it. I would however suggest checking it out from a library vs. purchasing it. 20$ seems like a lot to spend on a pamphlet.

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