Thursday, September 21, 2006

Personal wiki

I have been looking at trying to find different options for journalling. I downloaded PowerJournal recently and was not happy with it. PowerJournal and the Desktop Sidebar that I like to use.

When I type in PowerJournal it makes the entire sidebar flicker.

Since I'm not excited about what I was using, I've started to look for new things. I use a wiki for a lot of documentation at work, and I figured there is probably a good wiki I can use on my own.

I know there are a lot of them out there, but the first one that I've run across and am trying is Tiddlywiki. So far this is about the coolest concept that I have ever seen. This wiki is an html file. That's it. There is no database, no php install, no web server. Open the Html file in a browser with javascript enabled and wow. There some plugins that can be downloaded with it as well, but for now I'll play with this for a few days and then post an update. I really like the idea of it just being an .html file. I have the entire source code, in the one file. I opened it and glanced through the code. I didn't dig into it though. With almost 52,000 lines in the file, it will be a while before I decide to dedicate that much time to understanding how it works. I wonder if something similar can be done with web pages through servers. A way for this wiki to reside on a server and be shared by others. Hrm.. Maybe that's something I'll have to research.

At least take the time to look at the page. Notice when you click on a lick it expands out into a new section that wasn't there before. It's a cool way to nest and group comments and have them all reside in the same page.

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