Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Scroll wheel working

Victories come in small packages.

I have been having to program in VB6 a lot lately and I've been very annoyed by the fact that my scroll wheel doesn't work here. This is the only application that I have that the scroll wheel doesn't work on. The funny thing, is that several years ago I didn't even want a scroll wheel. Now I want to beat someone with a rubber duck if they have a mouse without it.

Anyway, out of frustration, I downloaded and installed the Logitech drivers on my PC and viola!!! I can use my scroll wheel. I also stumbled across a Microsoft post regarding this problem. If you have it, try installing your drivers first, it's probably more reliable than depending on the drivers built-in to the OS. But if that doesn't work then install the VB6MouseWheel.exe.

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