Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Another RSS Reader

Attensa has a free RSS Reader plugin for Outlook. There are some good and bad things about this tool. First, this is an awesome plugin for free. It does everything that I would want any RSS Feeder that plugs into outlook to do. Attensa is integrated very well into Outlook. When new posts arrive the information window pops up and lets you know, just like emails, and even MSN Messenger do. Most I like that intranet RSS feeds show up nicely in it. These feeds I only want to check when I'm at my work computer, at work.

I do have a few complaints. Personally, I would like an RSS feeder that integrates into outlook to make reading my feeds easy while I'm at work and that keeps in sync with a web version that let's me check on feeds from home. I really like how Google Reader is working for me right now. I am tagging and saving more posts than I had ever saved before. While using my previous RSS Readers, I would just read things and learn the new information, but I wouldn't save it for reference.

Generally my thinking is I read a ton of posts because if I know about something, then when a situation arises that I will need something like that, I'll remember having read it and can find it more easily. Otherwise, I fear that I'll spend too much time re-inventing the wheel to solve problems that someone else has solved, usually better than me.

Anyway, I really like Attensa for one reason. It integrates to outlook and can see my intranet RSS feeds. Currently there aren't a lot of these, but over the next year I expect the list of these to start growing. And I dont' want my intranet feeds on a reader that can't get to them, so Attensa is very nice to fill in this gap for me.

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