Friday, October 27, 2006

Getting Things Done

It appears that I'm a Johny-come-lately to this whole Getting things done following. Over the past month or two I have had glimpses of different things with GTD popping up. Then a conversation with a friend of mine who has read the book and believes wholly in the system prompted me to find out more information.

If you haven't heard, in short, GTD is a system to organize your entire life to help you accomplish more things. I've started reading the book, and it's a good book so far (not yet 1/4 the way through it), the only problem that I have is that I keep having things that my mind thinks of that I need to do. It's almost as if reading a book about being organized has gotten my mind thinking of all sorts of tasks that have been buried in it for a long time. The good thing is that GTD says you need to get these all out of your head and into a system to organize them. I've been making sure I write them all down and I've been using the Tiddly Wiki, which I blogged about previously, to keep my notes in. Just this week I have also seen that there is an enhanced version of the Tiddly Wiki that is organized around GTD, and today I read that there is a Firefox plugin that can be used to help organize your GMail to work better with GTD. If you are a tech person and haven't heard about it before now, then you will, it will be gaining popularity.

If you are even more interested, here is a good posted about getting started with GTD.

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