Tuesday, November 14, 2006


Or to borrow a quote from Dilbert "GAH!!"

I've been trying to get Rational Application Developer and Websphere Portal setup on my work computer now for over a week. Every day, all day, I just install and wait. This is the most painful installation process that I've ever been through.... Oh wait, I did try to setup a version of RedHat linux before that was more painful.

When are companies going to learn that the most pain in the ass introduction to their product is the installation. Even if the product itself is only so-so, at least it should have a super simple, error free installation process. Put the CD in, run it. There should be no other pains. I don't even like having to reboot in the middle, that's only an issue when the install is trying to touch shared functionality that is already installed. Why can't they just check for an existing version if it's new enough, then leave it alone.

I'm sure that using Java is not going to be nearly as bad as installing it. However, for just over a week, my computer has been practically crap. I haven't been able to do anything, because the install just kills it. This has got to be the most expensive install ever.

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