Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Java Growing pains

I've been busy lately trying to pick up Java. I'm finally on a project at work where I get to use Java and it's been very painful. My first project is a Websphere portlet that I'm going to use Java Server Faces for. I've never done anything Java, which makes me completely overwhelmed. A co-worker is helping me get started by pointing me in the right direction with example projects to look at, and I've gotten what I think is a lot of the backend code written. Now I want to have some kind of test for it, so I was trying to use JUnit. That wasn't bad at all, my experience with NUnit and about 10 minutes reading on the web and I had it up and running.

However, I cannot get a simple date object to work, and that is what I want to write my first test against. I have read 20 examples online and they all are getting now, I want to be able to test against a specific time other than now. I'll just have to keep looking. Expect more posts as I learn how to do more things in Java.

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