Tuesday, May 30, 2006


I'm almost finished reading the book "blink". I usually wait until the end of a book to say anything about it, but this book stinks. It's not a study, it doesn't offer suggestions, it's just words on paper. I thought the book was going to be how to hone your ability to make decisions without having to think. Basically, how to trust you instinct and make your instinct right more often. Instead it seems to be a book that wants to get some guy named Kenna more popular so people will buy his music. I don't know who Kenna is, but the description of his music doesn't sound appealing to me. His story was the first one in the book and about every 10 pages it's brough back up. Why?!?!? Please leave me alone Kenna. I can't wait until this book is done and I can say I read it, but please save yourself the pain.