Monday, January 08, 2007

Learning a new language

How do you go about learning a new language? I've had to do this several times and I have had the most luck with buying a book and immersing myself in the new language. I have to do it both at work and at home to really get into it though. After about a month of digging I've been able to feel comfortable supporting applications in the languages I've used, but not necessarily in making great design decisions.

Currently I'm learning Java. I've been reading "Thinking in Java" and trying to get through that. I've also got to learn JSF (Java Server Faces), Ajax, and IBM Websphere Portal. It feels like I'm trying to learn 8 languages at once, and even with all I'm reading about Java, I don't feel like I'm making a dent in what I don't know for my job right now. It's frustrating.

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AriT93 said...

IBM's Developerworks site has a lot of good information. It's surprising what they have in the way of short and direct articles. There are always lots of examples as well. There is also the added bonus that for the most part they discuss the reasoning behind different design decisions and why the can be considered "best practice". They have plenty of Java examples as well.

I have a suspicion that the employees get some sort of bonus for writing the articles. There is a ton of information out there on such a wide array of topics. It's also nice that many of the articles are written by developers with a real passion for their chosen topic.