Thursday, February 01, 2007

Disk Defrag Pains

I was trying to install a Websphere a while ago, and after it failed 3 times another developer told me to defrag my hard drive before trying again because it would help. I didn't think it would, but he has run the install several times, and mine had failed so I took a chance.

I have 2 GB of RAM installed and had to defrag my 50 GB hard drive. It took several hours, and was painful, because the process never used more than 32 MB of RAM. What's the purpose of not taking advantage of the memory space available? It is frustrating that the built-in defragger practically froze my computer while only showing a 5% CPU usage and 32 MB of RAM.

Please take advantage of the resources that are provided with bigger and faster hard drives. I thought that maybe there would be some good tools on the web for doing this faster, but after researching I really haven't found anything that claims to be any better than the built-in tool.

If anyone knows of a better way to defrag than the built-in Windows tool, please let me know.

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