Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Accessing the GAC on another computer

Recently I was involved in building a new server that needed the same components as an existing server. Unfortunately not all of the correct versions of the components that were in the GAC were in Sourcesafe, or even on the installation server.

I knew that through the command line I could go into the folders in the GAC on the server and copy the actual DLLs out to a common folder then move them to the other computer and add them all to the GAC. This was a painfully slow process, and after about 15 minutes and only having gotten 3 of the files that I needed, I was getting frustrated. This shouldn't be so hard. I was using the command line for this because using the path \\servername\windows\assembly opened up my local GAC.

Suddenly I had a crazy idea. What if windows only opens up the local one because it recognizes the path. I mapped a network drive to my server and mapped it directly to \\servername\windows\assembly\gac. I opened my new G drive and I had access to the GAC. The folder structure is still just as complex, but it was just a quick drag and drop to get the files I needed.

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