Wednesday, February 06, 2008

CSS... what a pain.

When I first learned about CSS, the only reason given to me for it was formatting. I didn't get it. Tables already did that. But CSS is so much more. Tables keep everything in place with relation to each other, but CSS can be floating, and layered, and so much more.

However, now that I'm starting to dig into CSS and actually try setting up a page using it, it's a real pain. Things appear different in IE than they do in Firefox, and different again in Safari. Steve Jobs has done a good enough job of bringing MAC into the fold that Safari cannot be ignored.

It's odd how sometimes the open source solutions are a bigger pain than the proprietary ones. A standards community says how the CSS should act, but each company or group implements it differently, and the people who use it are stuck having to put in hacks to get around the companies differences, or else they just design for one browser and add a note to the screen stating it works better in a different browser.

I don't want to determine for a user which browser they should use. I don't want a page that I design to only work in one browser, but I also hate hacks. I don't want them to make the code look ugly. It's too bad the people making the browsers can't just get along enough to follow the standards.

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AriT93 said...

Welcome to web development ;). Although I think after some time you will find that IE is one of the bigger transgressors of the standards. Which is odd since they are a memeber of the community(WC3) that sets those standards.