Thursday, March 13, 2008

Using Ultra Edit for Ruby

Configure Ultra Edit for Ruby Syntax highlighting.
First open Ultra Edit. Open the View Menu. Open the View As (Highlighting File Type) and see what the next empty language number is.

Then Open C:\Program Files\IDM Computer Solutions\UltraEdit-32\wordfile.txt.

Move to the bottom of this file and paste the following code. Change the L12 to L## to the next Language number in your Ultra Edit menu.

/L12"Ruby" Line Comment Num = 2# Block Comment On = =begin Block Comment Off = =end Escape Char = \ File Extensions = RB RBW
/Indent Strings = "do" "begin" "{" "|"
/Unident Strings = "}" "end"
/Delimiters = []{}()<>="'.,+
__FILE__ __LINE__
alias and
begin break
case class
def defined? do
else elsif end ensure
false for
if in
next nil not
redo rescue retry return
self super
then true
undef unless until
when while
/C2"Object, Module, Class, Kernel"
__id__ __send__
ancestors alias_method append_features attr attr_accessor attr_reader attr_writer abort at_exit autoload
binding block_given?
class_eval class_variables clone const_defined? const_get const_set constants callcc caller catch chomp chomp! chop chop!
display dup
extend_object eval exec exit exit! eql? equal? extend
fail fork format freeze frozen?
gets global_variables gsub gsub!
included_modules instance_methods include iterator? id inspect instance_eval instance_of? instance_variables is_a? inherited
lambda load local_variables loop
method_defined? module_eval method_added module_function method method_missing methods
name nesting new nil?
private protected public private_class_method private_instance_methods protected_instance_methods public_class_method public_instance_methods p print printf proc putc puts private_methods protected_methods public_methods
remove_const remove_method raise rand readline readlines require respond_to?
scan select set_trace_func singleton_method_added sleep split sprintf srand sub sub! syscall system send singleton_methods superclass
test throw trace_var trap taint tainted? to_a to_s type
undef_method untrace_var untaint
/C3"Instance Variable"
** @a @b @c @d @e @f @g @h @i @j @k @l @m @n @o @p @q @r @s @t @u @v @w @x @y @z
/C4"Class Variable"
** @@a @@b @@c @@d @@e @@f @@g @@h @@i @@j @@k @@l @@m @@n @@o @@p @@q @@r @@s @@t @@u @@v @@w @@x @@y @@z
** $
/C6 "Symbols"
** :
** A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z
+ +=
- -=
% %=
/ /=
** **=
& &=
| |=
^ ^=
> >> >>=
< << <<= = == ===

This configuration was originally pulled from a website about supoort. But seeing how I couldn't actually find anywhere on their website that linked to the file, I decided to just include it here. I thank them greatly for a good layout to work with Ultra Edit.

I've been wanting to learn Ruby for some time, and finally found what looks like a good beginners guide to ruby. Here's a link to The Little Book of Ruby. I've only made it through chapter 1 so far, but it looks like a good place to start.

**** Updated 10/31/2008 ****
IDM now has word files for Ultra Edit on their site. Their version of the Ruby language is possibly more complete than the one I have included. You may want to check it out at


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