Thursday, March 27, 2008

Would you follow me on twitter?

The past month I've started asking myself if anyone would follow me on twitter, and who would I follow on twitter. Not surprisingly I began asking, why anyone would ever use twitter.

I know of a few people that use twitter, and I hear about it a lot in the podcasts that I listen to
however, I don't understand the true purpose of it.

Twitter's site asks, "What are you doing?" So from that I take it to mean that the purpose is to tell the world constantly what I'm doing.

Since the majority of my daily activities are boring enough that I wouldn't want to make someone follow me around, I don't think that most things are worth mentioning. Heck, my job is sitting at a computer. From the outside looking in, I'm pretty boring. I even find it hard sometimes when my kids ask what I did today, and my answer is, "I read 200 pages of documentation trying to find how to do something that we haven't done before". Or, "I made a change to the program that I'm working on to allow someone to edit the phone number in the middle without the cursor being reset to the end after every keystroke". To which they seem to always look at me dumbfounded. So instead I try to say things like, "I made some else's job easier today".

Even my home activities are not the most exciting. Things like "Doing dishes", "Eating a great dinner my wife cooked", "Playing catch with the kids". These aren't things that I do that would be interesting to people.

I've heard of, and seen some people use twitter solely as a marketing tool for their blog. I guess this is possible, but most likely, if I'm going to care enough to follow someone on twitter, I'm also following their blog in an RSS Reader, so I don't want them to post that they have a new blog to read, and I don't want to do that myself.

I have seen a great use for something like twitter within a company or team, in order to keep everyone informed on the current status of what each member in the group is doing. However these statuses are not useful to the world at large, and are possibly proprietary enough in nature that they need to be housed completely in house at the company.

Since I began my twittering experiment a few days ago, I now have a good reason for the service. There are some people out there that I admire. I am amazed at the way they think, and the things they think about. These are people that I look up to and aspire to be more like. It's possible that through twitter I can get a little more of a glimpse into the things that these people do. Maybe the reason they think a certain way is influenced by things that they read, and something like that could be shared on twitter. That extra glimpse into what helps to open their mind to creativity, could provide me a way to become more open to creativity too.

So why would I post anything about myself on twitter? I've already explained that I see myself as boring. But that doesn't really mean I am boring. And it doesn't mean that others see me as boring. Maybe instead, by my posting on twitter, someone will be inspired or influenced by something that I do or say. The only way to know for sure is to keep tweeting and see how it goes.

That begs the question, would you follow me on twitter?

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