Monday, May 12, 2008

iTunes killed my internet connection

Tonight I had plans to be online, listen to podcasts, read a bunch of blog posts and web articles that I had been holding off from because of their size. Everything was going well until about 8:30 when the network connection dropped.

After 30 minutes of looking into all local settings and rebooting my laptop, I called the tech support for the hotel. Apparently I had been blocked for "Excessive Bandwidth" usage. The very strongly accented gentlemen told me I was watching a movie, I was not, I was writing a blog post.

During the 20+ minute tech support call I realized that iTunes downloads podcasts automatically. The Learning Rails podcasts have changed to video casts, which are much larger. Lo and behold, they have a new screen cast that has not been downloaded.

Before the connection came back online I changed my setting to not automatically download these, but it bothers me that I cannot download these even at some kind of throttled speed. If I'm OK with downloading a large amount of data, can't they just let me? I don't want to take down anyone else, I just want to be able to listen to the podcasts that are out there.

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