Friday, May 16, 2008

SCJP Day 5 Training

The last day of training. A day of goodbyes, and heading home. I've been spoiled by making such good friends from other training classes, it's strange that this one will probably turn into just a class that I attended with some people.

We continued with the Swing application. However, since it's not supposed to be on the exam, I think we spent too much time on it. We spent most of the morning finishing the front end of a chat application so we could learn networking and threading. The networking discussion was very rudimentary. We basically just typed what we needed to open the specific socket. We had decent coverage of threads with how to work with shared data and synchronizing, but I think we could have done gotten more information about wait and yield.

I would have preferred that the last day have started us with a project to load that had the GUI finished and we could have focused more on the threads and networking. These were probably the worst examples of the weak.

I learned more about Swing than I thought I probably ever would, and I find myself asking, what they were thinking with the different layout managers. I've built many VB6 and C# applications that look really good without having any of those layout managers, or their problems.

The most informative thing we learned on the last day is the state pattern. I'm glad Martin also teaches the patterns class, he was able to incorporate a few patterns into the class. Since a few of my classmates were novices I don't know that they got a lot from the design patterns, but it was useful to see them incorporated into the class.

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