Tuesday, May 13, 2008

SCJP Training day 2

Today was more of the same. The class speed has started picking up. We are going through things faster and covering more interesting topics. Yesterday it felt like everyone was asleep compared to today. The class was involved in a lot more side discussions, which add a lot to classes.

Some of today's discussions were about the John Adams series on HBO. Rugby. Soccer. How hard it is for a common man to succeed in England because of their aristocratic history. Australia and Georgia as penal colonies. How some very famous people are not actually from the countries they are associated with such as Hitler, Churchill, Stalin, and Ben Franklin.

The labs haven't been too hard, I've been able to fly through them. I've been able to play on the internet during that time. I finished the Hands on Ruby tutorial. It's been odd the number of things that don't work in Mozilla on the computer in the lab.

I've made good use of my breaks and taken walks through the building and up and down the stairs instead of using the elevator.

In class today we covered Arrays, Classes, inheritance (interfaces are tomorrow), static, final, imports, Static imports, abstract classes.

I seem to be the only one in the room that's done anything in the way of Object Oriented programming, none of the others have used interfaces or inheritance at all. It's been fun though because I've gotten the chance to explain the benefits of it.

Clint, one of the other guys in the class was a roommate with a guy I work with. He's a newbie to Java, but he's really curious, so he and I talk a lot during breaks and lab time.

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