Wednesday, May 14, 2008

SCJP Training Day 3

Another day of training. By the end of the day we finally have gotten to topics that I do not do all the time already, so I am now starting to learn new things. I wish I could get the past two days back from training, but without them I would not have made the new connections that I have.

It's interesting talking history with the teacher. Being from England originally, he seems to be more of a history buff than many Americans. I missed how the conversation started, but he was talking about Issac Newton Brown who was in charge of the USS Arkansas and faced insane odds in the Civil war, but won. There was a quote. The USS Arkansas was the only Rebel ship in the battle so he said, "Any where I shot I wasn't worried about hitting a friendly ship". It's probably paraphrased, but it's a good outlook on overwhelming odds.

I have stayed ahead on the labs, even now that I'm learning new things I'm a full lab ahead of the class. It gives me time to work on more detailed things with the lab and play with things that are not specifically being mentioned.

Today we covered Interfaces, Abstract Classes, Creating and throwing our own exceptions, handling exceptions, the difference in Checked and unchecked exceptions, Collections, Maps, sets, the new Generics for collections, Serializable. And some File IO coverage.

While discussing the Generics, there was a small communication issue with the terminology, you have to type
List myList = new List();

This is generally spoken as "List Angle brackets String angle Bracket myList ..." At least in all situations that I've been in previously.

Professor Littler though said "List chevron..." and nobody else in class got it. I knew what the Chevron was and it is the right term for the <, thank you StarGate. It was interesting enough that several other students went out and looked it up. It's cool that this class is teaching more than the Java language. US History, English, what's next?

Lunch and dinner were both spent in some deep conversations with one of my classmates, not all of the conversation was code based, but it was all very interesting.

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