Thursday, May 15, 2008

SCJP Training Day 4

Another day another day.

Day 4 of training was new for me. We covered additional File IO and Stream IO, we covered the Scanner class. The Scanner class was interesting, but probably not something I will use. It does seem to have a good use as a quick tool for a delimited file when you need to deal with every field, however if you have a file with a lot of fields and you only need a few of them, reading the data as a row and parsing it will probably be easier.

Next we went over some Swing. GUIs are not on the certification any more, but we're writing a quick and dirty IM Client to set ourselves up for the networking code that we'll learn tomorrow. Having come from VB and C# for my GUIs I'm surprised at the number of different layout managers that there are. None of those are available in .Net and I haven't really seen the need for them yet. So far, it just looks like creating a Swing application is more of a pain, and a lot more hassle than using .Net, other than the fact that it's more portable.

We're ahead of schedule in class, so we've covered a little bit with patterns as well. Today we talked about the Singleton Patter and the Observer pattern.

Knowig the agenda for tomorrow and what I've learned this week, I'm disappointed. If I had known better what the class was going to cover, I would have saved the money and just bought the book. If you are good at picking up your information from books, then read the SCJP book instead of paying for the SUN certification, it covers everything in at least as much detail as the class will.

There are 3 benefits of the class.
1. It's training, getting away from work for a while every now and then is good, especially when you make new connections.
2. Paying for the class comes with additional online courses that have more material in them, covers the cost of taking the exam, and has a practice exam.
3. It's given me something to blog about.

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