Saturday, May 24, 2008

Trying the Uniball pen.

I'm trying out a new pen. I've never been real specific about what I write with. I'm using the one with .7mm thickness. Generally I prefer thinner lines, but this one seems to have very concise lines even at this thickness.

The uniball pen is very light and has a similar feel to a pencil. This may be a turn off for others, but for me, I love and prefer writing with pencil. I like the feel of the pencil and the friction it has on the paper, generally I find a pen too smooth.

There are a few downsides to the pencil. It smudges and will continue to smudge even after weeks. It's hard to read it in some lighting conditions, especially flourescent lighting. Since I'm switching to CFLs even at home, it's becoming harder to read pencil. That's why I'm looking for a pen that I am comfortable writing with.

The Uniball pen is very light. It's lighter than just about any other pen I've used, and lighter than most of the pencils I've used, even the mechanical ones.

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