Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Ode to RAD 6

RAD 6, RAD 6. I never liked you.
RAD 6 RAD 6 You were slow and clunky,
RAD 6 RAD 6 Your short cut keys were as hideous as emacs.
RAD 6 RAD 6 Where have you gone, I miss you so.

I installed RAD 7 last week. In general I like it. It's got a few new features that I know of that are nice, but it has some HUGE annoyances.

1. The folder layout changed in the package view. It used to list one package at the deepest level that was common and then expand a tree view for the subpackages. For example. com.mytest.business would be the folder, then under it would be "utilities", "test"

Now, I see com.mytest.business and com.mytest.business.utilities and com.mytest.business.test

RAD 6 had a test server environment that ran locally, it was fast. I loved it. A restart took 4 minutes, and changes to JSPs, Javascript, and CSS were done instantly with just a refresh to the browser. RAD 7 no longer has this test environment, instead I have to use a full server running locally. This manages to somehow take up less hard drive space than RAD 6, but changes are much slower. The server must republish everytime I make a change to those files, which takes 3 and 1/2 to 4 minutes (I've timed it). I accidentally restarted the server today instead of publishing and it took nearly 13 minutes. Developing in RAD 7 for the Portal, or any web page changes has become very tedious. I hope IBM has remedies most of this with RAD 7.1.

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