Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Annoying power saving mode on computer

I have a simple cheap Dell desktop. I bought it from Walmart. A $500 PC more than serves the needs that I have for my home computing, even with the application development that I do.

One extremely annoying behavior that it has is the LED on the front. When the computer is on, it is a cool, calming blue light. However, to save power, I have the computer go into hibernate mode after 30 minutes. If I'm not using it for that long then I want to save as much power as I can. However, in sleep mode the blue LED become an annoying blink.

The blinking is especially annoying at night while I'm trying to sleep and laying in bed in the dark. Half my room is lit by this blue blinking. Why is it that there's not a more subtle LED in there that uses even less power to be lit, but more dimly when it's sleeping. Why does a sleeping computer have to be more annoying than an awake computer?

In case anyone is wondering, I leave my computer on instead of turning it off at night time, because I will have thoughts or dreams that come to me and I want to capture them quickly. A little jiggle of the mouse and I'm on my way typing. Also I will try to get on the computer before I head out the door for work in the morning. When I can, I only have a few minutes and can't spend them waiting for the computer to boot up. I am very mindful of the energy I use in my house, but I also love the availability of the computer always being on.

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