Monday, October 06, 2008

JMS Training: Day 1

I was the first to arrive this morning, despite not being able to find the building. The facilities are in a strip mall, and off the street, but there is no sign facing the street.

I noticed right away that there were 6 packets for students. When the instructor Robin, an Australian gentleman showed up he handed out the sign in sheet, which only had 4 names on it.

Bored and sitting in front of a log in screen I started guessing passwords, 3rd try I was in. I'm sitting at a Windows XP computer with a 3 GHz processor and 1 GB RAM, it's a VMWare session. I see that Websphere MQ Explorer and Rational Application Developer are both installed.

A quick perusal of the Agenda shows that today will be an introduction and mostly talk. We have one exercise to perform and it's configuring the Message Queue. The next two days will be much more in the way of JMS exercises.

All three of the other students in here are Websphere MQ Administrators and not programmers, they are just looking for an overview of it in order to be able to understand what the developers are trying to do against their system.

Apparently there is a bug in the GUI version of the software that comes with Websphere MQ 6.0, so we did all of our configuration from a command line tool. There is no documentation on this tool included, so the instructor just told me what to type. I have it running in class, but could not reproduce the steps if I needed to. That's a bit of a drawback. At least MQ 7.0 sounds like there are a lot of new features and bug fixes. The biggest new feature is the native support of JMS which makes it 5+ times faster than MQ 6.0 with JMS clients.

One of the other students said he wanted to be able to leave between 2 and 3 on Wednesday to catch his flight. My flight is not until Thursday because the schedule stated that class would go until 5 on Wednesday. We finished the agenda for today at about 2PM. The instructor added 2 sections that he does when he's at other conferences talking about Websphere MQ. It was good detailed information. We finished the day by covering tomorrow's first section.

We also decided to start at 8 AM the next two days instead of 9 AM. If we go until 5 tomorrow I think we'll be done really early on Wednesday.


T.Rob said...

Would that undocumented command-line tool be JMSAdmin by any chance?

-- T.Rob

Steven Rigney said...

Thank you for the link. What I meant by undocumented is that the documentation for it was not included with the training for the class. The step by step instructions were for using a different tool and the administration is not what we are here to learn how to do. That put me way out of my comfort zone when he asked us to use a tool that I didn't know existed and with no guidance in the training material.