Friday, October 24, 2008

Mr. Fix It.

I feel like Mr. Fix It.

Instead of spending the time focused on what my goals were at the beginning of the day, I have spent much of the day hopping back and forth from one task to another in order to answer questions or solve problems. These are things that need to be answered and taken care of, but on days like this I never feel as productive. For me, oftentimes the opposite is true. Instead of getting the one or two things done that I plan to do, I end up finishing 5 or 10 smaller things and making more people happy. That's good customer service right?

I am really good at making these switches and looking into disconnected things all day long when I start my day with that kind of mindset, but when I actually plan to finish those one or two big things that I have been working for several days on, I can leave work feeling like nothing at all was accomplished. It's amazing how much different I feel about the same results based on my own mindset.

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