Friday, October 31, 2008

Ultra Edit Extras

Ultra Edit has put a lot of work into making Extras for their product available. I've been a huge UE fan for a long time now, sorry emacs people I like UE.

Finally they have word files for different languages available to download. I was a little disappointed in March when I was looking for a word file for Ruby which would allow me to continue to use my favorite editor to start working with Ruby. That is no longer an issue, they now have word files for additional languages that were not included in the original install. There are also additional dictionaries, tag files, macro tutorials, and basic scripts that can be used to teach you how to use Ultra Edit even more efficiently.

I have spent the past 2 years really getting familiar with all of the options of Ultra Edit. As David Hunt says in The Pragmatic Programmer, you need to be intimately familiar with all of the capabilities of your text editor, no matter which one it is, in order to be an efficient developer.

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