Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Performance Reviews should be banished.

There's an interesting article at InfoQ stating that Performance Reviews should be banished. I just finished my own self-review last week, which is even more painful than a standard review. Rather than just having my boss tell me how he thinks I'm doing, which is a monthly conversation anyway, I get to hear the summation of the year in review. It shouldn't take as long as it does. I also get to rate myself in all of the categories and defend why I think I rated myself awesome.

I mean really, what person will rate themselves and not say I did awesome. Even if I know there are bad things the result will still be "awesome, considering the situations". I will always work hard, and put in hours at home learning new things and trying out new ideas. I will always put in time trying to better myself, I will always do my best to get all of my work done as well as stop to help everyone that I can as often as I can. That's awesome.

Maybe my biased opinion needs some perspective. Maybe this review offers the opportunity to hear an opinion that may not be just "awesome", but if it is, that would be awesome.

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