Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Ultra Edit is coming for Linux and Mac

Ultra Edit (my favorite editor) is finally making a version that will run on Linux and Mac.  I think that this is a very telling step.   It may mean that software makers are finally feeling that Microsoft is losing it's grip on the OS.   

Even without some of the more popular pieces of software being available for Mac, and to a smaller extent Linux, people have been switching away from Windows.   

If Software Vendors update their applications to work on these other systems, I expect that even more people will be willing to make that leap.

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Book Review: The Little Book of Ruby gave away the free book The Little Book of Ruby and I took advantage of it. Due to some things I was working on I had to restart the book several times. Now that I've finally finished it I thought I'd write up my thoughts.

The Little Book of Ruby does a decent job of explaining the very basics of Ruby. It does not delve into detail or give best practices on things, however, it's enough that a Ruby Beginner can read through the 85 page eBook and be able to figure out mostly what's happening in Ruby code that they look at.

It's a better start to Ruby than Why the Lucky Stiff's into. Why is an interesting character, but he gets too sidetracked, The Little Book of Ruby is a much better starting place.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

What I'm up to.

Off and on for the past year I've been trying to pick up Ruby. Last year I ended up getting sidetracked specializing in some Java code. However, since December I have been a reading machine and plowing through books. I've started absorbing everything I can about Javascript and jQuery. Now I'm also Reading about Ruby and Rails and JRuby.

I plan to have some posts coming up from things that I have learned and played with recently, and that I'll continue to work with.