Monday, June 22, 2009

clueTip zindex tip

OK, so the title isn't great, but that's what this is.

I had an issue where I'm using the clueTip jQuery plugin to show tooltips in my page. Everything was working great until I tried to show one inside of a dialog.

Even when I used the cluezIndex setting to show the tooltip and set the value to 3000 it wouldn't work.

$('a.toolTip').cluetip({cluezIndex: 3000, local: true, hidelocal: true, cursor: 'pointer', arrows: false, positionBy: 'mouse'});

After tracing through the code I found the problem. Once a tooltip is added to the page the cluezIndex value that it has stays the same, you can't change it with this setting.

For me, I made sure that all of my cluetip showings set the cluezIndex to 3000. Be sure to set the cluezIndex to a value that's higher than everything you want it to be above.

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Van der Biest said...

Change the cluezIndex to 3000 in your $.fn.cluetip.defaults and it will also work :)