Tuesday, June 16, 2009

jQuery annoyances

Mostly I love jQuery, but there are few annoyances that I have struggled with.

  • I have not been able to bind a date picker to elements that are dynamically added to the page after load. This causes a problem.
  • The z-index did not allow the datepicker to show up on top of a dialog, I had to tweak the CSS to make that happen.

  • My element is stripped from the location on the page and moved into the dynamically generated dialog html element. this causes inherited CSS settings to be lost and the layout within a dialog must be specifically set.
  • Building the same dialog multiple times puts multiple copies in the DOM instead of cleaning up itself.
  • .remove() removes the dialog from the DOM by completely destroying the HTML, but it also destroys my HTML that was ripped from another location on my page.
  • the maxHeight value is ignored when initially building a dialog, and I have to check the height and specifically fix it if it is too big.

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