Thursday, December 31, 2009

The end and start of a decade

Listening to the radio the other day it occured to me that this is the end of the 2000's.

I thought back to 2000 and what I was doing. I was writing C programs for DOS., writing batch files, reading Charles Petzold and Windows API programming, and playing with VB5 as a faster RAD development tool. I knew how to drag and drop the basic controls onto the form and that was about it.

In 2000 I started a new job. Working where I still work. I spent the rest of the decade learning and writing programs. I learned VB6 and earned an MCSD in it. I learned Transact SQL and SQL Server 7, SQL Server 2000, DTS. Perl, C#, and Java, Javascript, earned an SCJP.

I went from using my own copy method as source control to Visual Source Safe, to CVS. I've started playing with Git now.

I've started learning Ruby, which looks like the first language in the new decade that I'll learn. I've played very minimally with Rails and JRuby. Those will be right there too. But where will I be in 10 years, what will I be learning and doing? I don't know. I do know that I love to read and learn new things, so without a doubt I will definitely be learning new things.

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