Thursday, February 25, 2016

I'm behind, but I try not to be.

Technology is changing so fast.  Even if you consider staying within a single lane like Java there are still constant changes occurring in the underlying code.   There are new libraries, new plugins, and changes to the base system.

All fields change, Doctors need to stay up to date on the newest techniques in order to be offering the best medicine and the newest surgery alternatives.

Teachers need to stay up to date to be able to offer potential new teaching methods.

Even Day care employees need to be aware of first aid and newer findings in child psychology and laws passed to ensure that they are caring for the kids in a legal manner.

However, technology changes faster than any other field. Every piece of the stack is constantly changing.  Today there are probably 2 new alternative javascript libraries that were introduced.  You don't want to change to a new one, that's cool, the one you used has a new beta version that just checked in to github with potential code breaking changes.   HTML, CSS, Javascript itself with ECMAScript, The browser and how it interacts with the HTML, a different mobile version of the browser, the backend, the database, the type of REST call, the method for generating JSON, the connection to the db, absolutely everything is changing all the time.

It is physically impossible to keep up to date on everything new.  There's just too much, it's like trying to drink from more than one fire hose at a time.

I am an information junkie, I love learning, reading, discovering and playing, but I cannot keep up with it all.   From a technology point of view I am so far behind the times that it's not funny, but I have picked several areas that I am interested in, and although I will never be up to date on them, I am hoping to get familiar enough with them to use the technologies when they are the right solution.  My solution is to essentially ignore lots and lots of technology and choose just a few to try and keep up on.  Even still I don't seem to have enough time to learn what I want to learn.

I'm behind, but I try not to be.

Wednesday, February 03, 2016


I haven't read an issue of PragPub in quite a while, but was intrigued to see a title of "Angular 2 and Testing" for this month's issue.  We have been using Angular on our projects at work for the past 18 months and I am trying to keep an eye on what is around the corner with Angular 2.

Sadly, when I went to download a copy of the current issue I found out that it is no longer free

I can't say how long Pragmatic Bookshelf has been charging for the content.  I know when I was reading it regularly that I was completely shocked at how much amazing content that they were producing and providing at absolutely no charge.  The articles were always good, even the ones that didn't apply to technology that I was using I would find interesting.   My job has been mostly with enterprise technology, so I am well behind leading edge topics, and that means that most of the content, while interesting to me, is not useful for applying at work.

At this point I am probably not going to subscribe to PragPub.  If you work in any web development that is not limited to Enterprise technology, you probably should though.   It's a great way to keep up to date on new technology and topics, and the authors of the articles are the same people who have written the great books that Pragmatic Bookshelf sells.