Friday, April 21, 2017

NodeJS finally?

I'm way behind the times.  Node has been out seemingly forever in the programming world.   I'm definitely behind in learning about it, I'm learning by taking a class on Udemy.   Sheesh, this is not how I have learned in the past.  I'm normally a little faster to the game.

Too many years have been spent using the same technology.  The past 6 years have been spent with Websphere portal.   My skills feel diminished.   I used to be able to use work as the reason that I could learn new technology and use it in my projects.   Now work holds me back.   I'm not allowed to implement the new technologies.   I have to learn things on my own, for my own side projects.   Not projects that I'm able to sell or use for any kind of profit, just things that I can play with.

It's so hard to find time with 4 kids and band, choir, soccer, and dance to squeeze in learning in the evenings.  I can do a bit here and there, but I have an extremely hard time finding a few hours together that I can focus and get into the zone.  I don't learn well in 15 minute increments.  I need more immersion than that.

Maybe now I'll finally be able to learn a new technology that will stick.  

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